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Bills of Costs

A Comprehensive Bill of Costs is prepared having extracted all relevant information from files submitted. Imperial has a breadth of expertise in all areas of legal costs. Bills, schedules or breakdowns can be prepared dependent upon client requirements.

Clear, constructive and realistic advice is given in each case. All Bills are CPR compliant. Our qualified consultants are able to advise on and keep you abreast of the constantly changing costs law.

Detailed Assessment

Skilled, competent Advocates are available at 24 hours notice to cover any detailed assessment appointment, countrywide. We have a wealth of experience in this area, giving our clients the confidence that the best possible result is achieved every time.

We enjoy a good relationship with our local county courts and the Supreme Court Costs Office (SCCO).

Points of Dispute and Replies

These documents are prepared with appropriate advice on payments and Part 47.19 offers. We take a realistic approach to the negotiation of costs and narrowing of issues between the parties. Documents are prepared expeditiously in view of prevailing time restraints.

Our breadth of experience helps to maximise your recovery of costs each time or reduce your opponents costs to a more realistic figure with reference to the prevailing Rules and Costs Law.

LSC Claim Forms

We prepare a wide range of LSC Forms.




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